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The Study Trip of NENU International Students on New Model of Rural Revitalization: Exploring the Hometown of the Sika Deer

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Recently, the University organized a visit to Luxiang Town in Shuangyang District, Changchun City, which is known as "the hometown of Sika Deer in China". Forty-five international students from 18 countries participated in this activity. It’s the second activity of the international students of Northeast Normal University to study the new model of rural revitalization, aiming at giving them a deep understanding of the rural revitalization policies and the sika deer farming industry in China through personal experiences.


The above video is reposted from Jilin Daily Cai Lian News, produced by Jilin Daily International Communication Department (Jilin International Communication Center)

During their visit to Luxiang Town, students visited the community deer farm, Changsheng Deer Industry, and the Sika Deer Museum, and got a comprehensive understanding of the sika deer farming history and the modern scientific and technological innovations of deer products in the town. Discussions also focused on how Luxiang Town realized rural revitalization by using traditional resources through the unique operation model of "enterprise + government + market".

This research and study activity aroused strong resonance among international students. They actively participated in discussions and raised many questions, showing their strong interest in the rural revitalization policies and the sika deer industry in China. This event not only allowed students to step out of the campus and personally experience the authentic, multi-dimensional aspects of China but also deepened their understanding and appreciation for the country.

Luxiang Town boasts a history of over 300 years in artificially breeding sika deer, and it’s the largest sika deer farming base in the country. The sika deer farming industry here has rapidly developed, and its products are exported to numerous countries and regions, including Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, achieving an annual total output value of 6.8 billion yuan.

Through this study trip activity, international students gained a deeper understanding of the rural revitalization model in China. In the future, the University will continue to organize more similar activities, enabling more international students to acquire in-depth knowledge of and develop an affection for China.


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