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Study at NENU, Build Dreams Together- NENU Successfully Completed the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Four-Week Program

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On January 22, 2024, the four-week study program of the International Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship for 2024, sponsored by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and hosted by Northeast Normal University, was completed. The program was jointly planned and declared by NENU and the Confucius Institute of the Mongolian National University of Education, and 24 students from the Tolit School and Darkhan Tsaikhun School in Mongolia participated in the program.

To enhance students’ oral proficiency in Chinese, NENU designed the program based on the students’ actual levels, offering foundational and practical oral courses. The curriculum was oriented toward students’ oral expression, guiding them to freely express themselves in authentic language environments, combing specific situations for Chinese language expression. Additionally, cultural experience courses in traditional Chinese arts such as calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, paper cutting, and the hulusi(a traditional Chinese musical instrument) were provided, allowing students to immerse themselves in language learning through cultural experiences, aiming to improve their oral proficiency. Cultural excursions to Harbin were organized, providing students with an in-depth experience of ice and snow culture, insights into Northeast China’s history, and a firsthand understanding of China’s social and economic development.

After four weeks of study and life, the students significantly improved their Chinese language proficiency. They deepened their understanding of Chinese culture, history, and technology, broadened their horizons, and established ideals. Upon returning to Mongolia, they will continue studying Chinese and hope to have the opportunity to study at NENU again.

In the future, NENU will continue to leverage its strengths in international Chinese education and international student training. Through various exchange programs, both short-term and long-term, NENU aims to enhance its international influence, select outstanding students, and actively advance the quality development plan for studying at NENU.

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