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Exchange Student Program

The exchange student program refers to an agreement between Northeast Normal University (NENU) and overseas sister universities or collaborative institutions, allowing students to engage in academic exchange at each other's institutions. The allocation of exchange student slots is typically determined through negotiations between NENU and the partner institutions. Eligible students, after obtaining the recommendation from their home institutions and passing NENU's qualification review, can participate in a one-semester or one-year study program at NENU.

The funding support for exchange student programs is determined through discussions between NENU and the partner institutions. Typically, this support includes tuition waivers, meaning students do not have to pay tuition fees at NENU during the exchange period. Other expenses, such as accommodation, living costs, and travel expenses, are generally the responsibility of the students themselves or are subject to separate discussions.

Participating in exchange student programs helps broaden students' international perspectives, enhance their cross-cultural communication skills, and promote collaboration between educational institutions. For a list of NENU's sister universities or collaborative institutions, please click [here](link to the list).

I. Eligibility

1. Full-time students from partner institutions who are non-Chinese citizens.

2. A GPA of 3.0/4.0 or above.

3. Students must comply with Chinese laws, respect Chinese culture, and adhere to NENU's regulations.

II. Required Documents

1. Certificate of Enrollment

2. University Transcript

3. Recommendation Letter from the International Office of the Home University

4. Copy of Passport

5. HSK Score Report (excluding language training)

All documents can be uploaded to the application system (, and there is no need to mail hard copies.

III. Application Procedures

1. Students should obtain the recommendation qualification from their home institutions. The specific process and notifications are subject to the announcements from the home institution's exchange student dispatching department.

2. Complete the online application( within the specified timeframe.

3. NENU will review the materials and inform applicants of the admission results, emailing the "Admission Notice" and related visa application materials.

4. Students are required to register at NENU within the designated period.

IV. Application Deadlines

1. Spring Semester:

•Nomination: November 10th of the previous year

•Application: November 20th of the previous year

2. Fall Semester:

•Nomination: May 10th

•Application: May 20th

V. Semester Schedule

1. Spring Semester: Early March to late July

2. Fall Semester: Early September to mid-January

VI. Airport Pickup Service

NENU will arrange airport pickup on specified dates, which will be notified when sending the admission notice. Students arriving on non-designated dates must arrange their own transportation to campus for registration.

VII. Visa Information

1. After receiving the electronic version of the admission documents, apply for an entry visa at the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. For additional required documents, please consult local authorities.

2. One-semester exchange students should apply for an X2 visa, while one-year exchange students should apply for an X1 visa.

3. Refer to the registration guide for other important details.

VIII. Regulations

1. According to relevant regulations from the Ministry of Education, the university implements a comprehensive insurance system for international students. International students must comply with national regulations and university requirements for insurance coverage. Personal insurance purchased overseas cannot replace the comprehensive insurance for international students studying in China.

2. In principle, exchange students should study according to the major specified in the admission application and are generally not allowed to change majors during the semester unless there are special circumstances. Refer to the major list for application requirements. The minimum credit requirement during the study period at NENU is 12 credits.

IX. Contact Information

International Students Office, Division of International Cooperation & Exchange Division,

Office Number: +86-431-85099754


Address: Room 624, Administration Building, Northeast Normal University, No. 5268 Renmin Street, Changchun, Jilin Province, China.

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