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NENU Held the Fifth International Cultural Festival and the Opening Ceremony of the NENU International Month

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The opening ceremony of the NENU International Month as well as the fifth International Cultural Festival was held on October 11, the beautiful season of harvest. The theme of the festival is "Mutual learning among civilizations, Beautiful NENU", which was attended by students from more than 90 countries on five continents, among which 34 countries set up national cultural expos and 15 cultural performances with national characteristics and cultural heritage were presented. The elegance of the five continents gathered here so that everyone could enjoy the beauty of the five continents and taste the five continents of food at NENU.

Opening Ceremony

Prof. Liu Jiuqing, Deputy Secretary of the CPC of NENU, delivered the opening speech for the festival. He said that the NENU Cultural Festival created a platform on which many countries could have a meaningful cultural exchange and learn from each other. Through it, students of NENU, both Chinese and international, could experience the beauty of the world that comes from diversity, advocate for, and help preserve the excellent folk traditions of the world.

He mentioned that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past ten years, China has worked side by side with other countries and achieved fruitful results in the fields of economy and trade, finance, science and technology, education, humanistic exchanges, ecology, and environmental protection. As a main objective of international cultural exchange, the various international study programs at NENU have been developing rapidly. The number of international students is increasing annually, the education system is becoming more complete, and the management is also improving by the day. The quality of student training programs has been widely acknowledged by both the Chinese and international societies. We are ready, willing, and able to accept more students who come from different cultural backgrounds to study at NENU. We are also happy to send our students to different places around the globe to experience more of the local customs and traditions and to strengthen our mutual understanding, to become outstanding talents with a global vision.

Speech from the International Student Representative

At the opening ceremony, a Hungarian student TAKACS TAMAS from the Faculty of Education delivered a speech on behalf of all international students. He said that the International Cultural Festival is a large-scale event that allows students to experience traditions and customs from all over the world here in China, right on our NENU campus. By experiencing other cultures and their values, students can better understand their own countries, gain a deeper appreciation for their own cultural heritage, and become better versions of themselves.

Cultural Diversity Show

Students from 27 countries displayed their own unique and exquisite national costumes on the stage.


Students prepared 15 enthusiastic and distinctive cultural performances, including songs, dances, musical instruments, and Bing Dao martial arts, and won the audience's cheers and applause.

National Cultural Expos

The 34 national cultural expos were designed and decorated by both Chinese and International students. They dressed in colorful traditional national costumes, made a variety of special food, and prepared a wide range of pictures, paintings, and small games with national characteristics, which made people linger.

ISO also prepared souvenir passports and customized expo stamps for the festival. Chinese and international students enjoyed the festival together, took photos and made beautiful memories together. This is a cultural feast. This is the open NENU. This is the blossoming of youth. October is the NENU International Month, and the International Cultural Festival marks the start of a series of activities in the international month. Welcome to pay attention to the other wonderful activities of the International Month~!

Division of International Cooperation & Exchange

October 12, 2023

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