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A Pearl in the North, a City of Happiness

Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province and one of the 15 sub-provincial cities designated by the State Council. Covering a total area of 20,604 square kilometers, with 4 counties (cities) and 7 districts under its jurisdiction, Changchun is home to a population of 9.0654 million (as of 2022).

Changchun, a city with a rich history and vibrant energy, has ancient roots and a dynamic presence. Its illustrious ancient civilization laid the foundation for a profound cultural heritage. Flourishing primitive agriculture dates back to the Neolithic Age, and political entities have existed here for over two millennia, from the Han to the Qing dynasties. The Qing Dynasty implemented isolation policies in the northeast, but during the Qianlong Emperor's reign, Changchun experienced significant development. In 1800, during the Jiaqing Emperor's rule, the Qing Dynasty officially established the Administrative Zone of Changchun, marking the formal establishment of Changchun.

Situated in the heart of the Songliao Plain, Changchun boasts fertile land and a well-developed agriculture, making it a renowned national commodity grain base. Its robust agricultural sector contributes to Changchun's solid and progressive cultural character. During the People's Republic of China era, Changchun established its industrial system, playing a significant role in the country's industrial development. This strong industrial base molded Changchun into a city with a robust and modern character.

Over the past 60 years, Changchun has achieved remarkable success in economic development and social progress, following a unique path tailored to its own characteristics. It has earned titles such as the "Automotive Capital," the "Hollywood of China," the "City of Organic Food," the "City of Forests," the "City of Science and Education," and the "City of Sculptures." In 2011, Changchun was recognized as one of the "Top Ten Low Carbon Cities in China," and in 2012, it received accolades as a "National Civilized City" and one of the "Nation's Pioneering Cities for Entrepreneurship." Media have also lauded Changchun as the "Most Happiness City in Mainland China" and a "City with Strong Resident Happiness." In 2023, Changchun was honored with the title of "Top 12 Ice and Snow Tourism Cities."

A Famous Cultural City in Northeast Asia

Culture defines a city's distinct personality and soul. If one word were to encapsulate Changchun's culture, it would be "modern." Despite its relatively short history, Changchun possesses a profound modern cultural heritage. From the automotive industry to film culture, and from sculpture to academic thought, the city resonates with a modern spirit that elevates its taste and guides its development. Culture, as an industry, is becoming a driving force for Changchun's economic development.

The Cradle of the Chinese Film Industry

Founded in October 1945, Changchun Film Studio (CFS) was the first film studio in the People's Republic of China, earning the title of the cradle of the Chinese film industry. In the past 60 years, CFS has produced over 1,000 domestic films, translated more than 800 foreign films, and created numerous influential works. As the only national rural-themed film production base, CFS has recently completed several high-quality low-budget films, contributing to the city's cinematic landscape. Major films like "1911" and "Bronze Sparrow Platform" achieved box office success. CFS has garnered numerous awards, including the Hundred Flowers Awards, Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards, and accolades from international and domestic film festivals. In 2012, CFS achieved a historic breakthrough by winning three awards in the "Five Number Ones Project" organized by the Central Publicity Department.

In 2005, CFS invested in and established the first world-class movie-themed park in China, Changchun Movie Wonderland. Over the past eight years, it has attracted over seven million domestic and foreign visitors. Ongoing projects, including the renovation of the old studio, the second phase of Movie Wonderland, the CFS Hainan project, and the "Three Parks, One Line" project, are progressing simultaneously. In December 2020, Changchun Film Studio was listed as the "Fourth Batch of National Industrial Heritage."

A Solid Place of Chinese Academic Culture

Changchun recognized as an advanced city in the national strategy of promoting development through science and education, is often referred to as the "City of Science and Education." Home to a cluster of prestigious institutions like Jilin University, Northeast Normal University, and several other leading higher education institutions, Changchun has earned the moniker of the "City of Universities." It has also become a hub for research institutions and scientific talent, with numerous high-tech enterprises and key laboratories contributing to its status as one of China's intellectual hubs. As of 2023, Changchun has witnessed significant achievements in scientific research and technological innovation, with over 11 state key laboratories, 5 national engineering technology research centers, and a cumulative output of more than 17,000 scientific and technological achievements.

An Eco-Friendly City for Livability and Quality of Life

Apart from Hainan, Jilin Province is recognized as another "Ecological Model Province" in China. As the capital of Jilin, Changchun takes the lead in ecological development. Endowed with a temperate continental semi-humid monsoon climate, Changchun paints a beautiful picture, making it a visually pleasing place to live. The people here are known for their warmth and kindness, with many positive stories circulating in the city. Changchun offers an authentic urban lifestyle where optimism and a positive attitude shine through in every aspect of life.

Urban Forests and Natural Sceneries

Changchun's urban forests, covering an area of more than 70 square kilometers, contribute to its reputation as the "City of Forests." These lush green landscapes not only provide a natural oxygen bar for residents but also create an aesthetically pleasing living environment. The South Lake, Jingyuetan National Forest Park, and other scenic spots offer residents and visitors a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

With a thriving urban economy, Changchun has been committed to creating a harmonious living environment. It is a city that embraces innovation, values culture, and cherishes its residents. Changchun, the City of Highest Happiness Index and the City of Highest Hospitality Index, continues to grow and evolve, showcasing its unique charm to the world.

Ice and Snow Tourism

Changchun, honored as the "City of Ice," is a renowned ice and snow tourism destination. The city has hosted the China Changchun Ice and Snow Festival for 20 consecutive years, becoming one of the "Top Ten Ice and Snow Tourism Cities in China." With a theme of "The Mingling of Ice and Snow and the Crossing," the festival attracts millions of tourists annually, creating a spectacular winter wonderland. The event not only promotes ice and snow culture but also stimulates the development of the local tourism industry.

In 2023, Changchun was honored as one of the "Top 12 Ice and Snow Tourism Cities," further solidifying its position as a premier winter destination. The city's commitment to ice and snow tourism is reflected in its continuous efforts to improve infrastructure, enhance service quality, and develop new and exciting winter activities.

In conclusion, Changchun, a city with a unique blend of history and modernity, culture and innovation, nature and urbanity, is undoubtedly a gem in Northeast Asia. As it progresses, Changchun invites the world to explore its wonders, experience its warmth, and witness the harmonious coexistence of tradition and modernity.

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