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International Students Attend the Opening Ceremony of the 57th NENU Sports Meeting

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The Opening Ceremony of the 57th Northeast Normal University Sports Meeting was held successfully at the Track & Field on Jingyue Campus on June 10. NENU International Students representatives took part in the march-in ceremony. This group of over 80 international students represents over a thousand NENU international students from over a hundred countries around the world, studying in 17 schools of NENU. They were dressed in national costumes, holding national flags of their countries and China, and holding up signs such as "I love China" and "I love NENU" to show their enthusiasm to the audiences.

Guided by the opening-up policy of education in the new era, the university will, as always, uphold the principle of "standardizing management and improving quality and efficiency", continuously improve the management and service level of study in China, enable international students to deeply understand China, and tell the Chinese stories well. And the university will vigorously promote the brand construction of "Study at NENU", continue to move forward and strive for new achievements in international students education work of NENU.

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