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Fu Liying

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Name Fu Liying Mentor Type Master’s supervisor
Gender Female Professional Title Associate Professor
Email fuly@nenu.edu.cn Major World Economy, International Trade, Finance
Research Area 1.International Finance
2.International Trade
3.Japanese Economy
Instruction Language Chinese、English、 Japanese

Educational Background:

2007.9-2012.12 Doctoral degree in the major of World Economy from the School of Economics, Northeast Normal University

2007.9-2009.3 Master’s degree from Hitotsubashi University

2000.9-2003.6 Master’s degree in the major of World Economy form the School of Economics, Northeast Normal Universality

1996.9-2000.7 Bachelor’s degree in the major of International Trade from Northeast Normal University

Academic Achievements:

Published Papers:

1. Fu Liying. Monetary and Financial Policies in Japan under the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Blue Book of Japanese Economy (2021): Research Report on the Japanese Economy and Sino-Japanese Economic and Trade Relations, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2021, pp.63-78.

2. Fu Liying,Zhou Run.Development of Financial Technology in Japan and Its Regulatory Agency Reform, Collected Essays on Japan Studies, Vol. 4, Social Sciences Academic Press, 2023, pp.237-259.

3. Fu Liying,Qin Tingting. A Review of Japanese Research on the Puppet Manchukuo Financial Issues[J]. Journal of Changchun Finance College,2018(03):43-47.

4. Fu Liying. Financial Domination in Manchukuo after the Outbreak of the Pacific War[J]. Foreign History Studies,2014(02):7-12.

5. Fu Liying,Sun Hanjie. Difficulties and Strategies to Enhance the Dominant Position of RMB in East Asia[J]. Economic Review Journal,2014(04):75-81.

Published Works:

1. Fu Liying, The Internationalization of the Japanese Yen and East Asian Currency Cooperation. Commercial Press, 2010.

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