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Instruction for Residence Permit/Visa Application

Step 1:Accommodation Registration

Local Police Station Registration: Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals

Students who live outside campus please register at local police stations with your landlord with the above required documents.

Required Documents:

3 white background passport-size photos

3 copies of the passport and visa page (and the page with the stamp of LATEST DATE entering China)

Tenancy Agreement

No need to pay and obtain the form right away.

On-campus students, please register at the Reception of the International Students' Dormitory with your passport. Print the screenshot of registration. The police station is “南岭派出所”.


Step 2:Physical Examination

Applying Residence Permit for the first time or above 11 months needs to do a physical examination at the designated hospital.

Fasting blood is required.

Required Documents:



A white backgroundphoto of size 3.5cm×4.5cm

A copy of the passport

Original Admission Notice and a copy of it

A copy of X1 visa page

Address: Jilin International Travel Healthcare Center (No.1301, Haoyue Road, opposite to Hospital of Lvyuan District)

From the International Students’ Dormitory to the hospital by Taxi: About 35 RMB



1.Register with your passport and photo at the Counter 4 and 5. Please check your personal information on the screen while registration.



2.Get the printed form from Counter 2 and 3 and then pay the fees at the Counter 2 and 3 with either cash or WeChat pay (no Alipay).


3.Blood Tests and Urine Tests are given by the same doctor. 7 stamps will be sealed on the records if it is completed. Fasting blood is required. Office Hour is 8:00-11:00 from Monday to Friday.


4.Result Collection

Hospital staff will inform you of the time to collect the original report of PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER, usually, it takes 3 working days.



Step 2:Passport and Visa Center of PSB Exit and Entry Administration

(Immigration Office)

Address: No.6888, Yanhe Street, Jingkai District.

From the International Students’ Dormitory to the Immigration Office by Taxi: About 35RMB




1.You need to ask for the service number by pressing “Foreigner外国人” for foreigners at the reception.


2.Take a photo at the Photo Room of 109 and the staff will stick a bar code to your passport. Then wait for your call in the waiting room.

Note: no white or green clothes.



3.Go to Counter 06 and submit the documents as the checklist below when you are called.



Documents required

① Passport


Provided by ISO. Stick your photo on the front, sign your name, and provide your phone number in China with a black ink pen.



③Official Letter (provided by ISO)


④ A copy of the Passport and Visa page (and the page with the stamp of the LATEST DATE entering China) (on A4 size paper)


⑤ JW201/202 Form and a copy of it (on A4 size paper)


Original Admission Notice in Chinese and a copy of it


Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Nationals (printing the screenshot given by the Dormitory receptionist for on-campus students)


Original Physical Examination Record for Foreigners and a copy of it (Valid for 6 months)

(Applying Residence Permit for the first time or above 11 months needs a physical examination at the designated hospital.)



Certificate of Attendance Rate

Only for extending the Residence Permit for the second time or more. It should be issued by your school/faculty; according to the Immigration Office, your application will be declined if your attendance rate is lower than 80%.

4.After the submission, the Immigration Office will keep your passports and other documents. You will be given one piece of paper called the “VISA/STAY PERMIT/RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION RECEIPT”. Make sure your personal information is correct and then take the receipt and your bank card to pay the fee at the Counter of Payment in the hall.

The Immigration Office will keep the passport for at least 3 weeks to review the Residence Permit application. The receipt they provide can be used to check in at the hotel or take the train and plane in China. You will collect your passport based on the date on the receipt. You will get your passport back only if you can return the original receipt.



Visa application fee to the Immigration Office (Bank Card issued in China or Alipay, no cash and no WeChat pay). 400RMB for less than 1 year; 800RMB for less than 3 years; 1000RMB for 3-5 years)

Step 4:How to update your visa information with ISO


1.Down the Study Abroad Assistant app (留学助手), and follow the steps below to do the update.


2.Choose “Info Upgrading”


3.Update the information at the section of “Basic Data” on the left is the, and then upload the “Attachment Files” as proof.


4.Upload your photos of your passport page, residence permit/visa page, and date of entry on the right in the “Attachment Files”, make sure it is clear enough to be read by ISO.


5.Review your photo and information, if there is nothing wrong, then click “Submit application”.


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