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​#China in My Eyes# NENU International Students Experience Changchun Ice and Snow Culture

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On 12th January, the Jilin Provincial Department of Education held the "Journey in Jilin - Ice and Snow Silk Road" international students' ice and snow experience activity in Changchun New Ice-Snow World at Lianhua Mountain. More than 50 international students from our university participated in the activity, viewed the rich Jilin characteristics of ice lanterns, ice sculptures and other ice and snow buildings, felt the charm of ice and snow art; also experienced ice slides, ice ploughs and other recreational projects, and experienced the collision of speed and passion in the kingdom of ice and snow.



At the end of the activity, the international students said that the ice and snow experience gave them a deep feeling of the unique charm of Changchun's ice and snow culture, and made them love their second hometown more.

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