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#China in My Eyes#Visit the Leshan Fair in Chaoyang District, and Experience the Traditional New Year's Flavour of Northeastern China

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On the first day of theMajor Coldsolar term, more than 130 international students fromNortheastNormal University came to thefair ofLeshanTownin Chaoyang District on January 21 to feel the strong atmosphere of the New Year and explore Chinese traditional culture, and jointly welcome the arrival of the Dragon Year Spring Festival.

The Leshanfairhas a century-old history. As a dazzling scenery in Chaoyang District and even the whole city, it not only provides citizens with a rich choice of New Year's goods, but also provides international students with an excellent opportunity to understand and experience Chinese traditional culture. Here, international students can feel the strong atmosphere of the New Year and local culture.At thefair, studentswereattracted by the various New Year's goods. They wanderedbetween the stalls, selecting various New Year's goods, such as couplets, window flowers, lanterns, candies, dry fruits, etc. The students excitedly said: "There are various types of New Year's goods here, full of strong Chinese Northeast New Year atmosphere, I like this atmosphere very much."

Besides purchasing New Year's goods, the international students also developed a strong interest in various performances. They stopped toenjoythe song "Standing on the Grassland Looking at Beijing", therecentpopular dance "Ke Mu San" and "Red Sorghum Model Team" and felt the versatility and enthusiasm of local residents. In addition, students also visited various specialty food stalls. They tasted traditional delicacies such as Northeast stewed dishes, fried twisted bread sticks, malt sugar, and frozen pears, and could not stop praising them.

Through this visit to theLeshan fair, the international students gained a deeper understanding of Chinese traditional culture. They all expressed that the traditional New Year'sfairnot only provides citizens with a rich choice of New Year's goods, but also showcases the unique charm of the integration of tradition and modernity. Thefairculturewithlocal characteristicsmakes them increasingly fall in love with China.

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