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Study at NENU, Build Dreams Together- NENU Successfully Completed the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Four-Week Program

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On August 13, 2023, the four-week study program of the International Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship for 2023, sponsored by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education and hosted by Northeast Normal University, was successfully completed. The program was jointly planned and applied by NENU and the Confucius Institute of the Mongolian National University of Education, and 34 students from the Tolit school and Darkhan Tsaikhun School in Mongolia participated in the program.

To help the students improve their Chinese language proficiency, NENU designed the program according to the specific situations of the students, through the immersion mode of Chinese language learning, with Chinese language and oral courses as the main focus, supplemented by Chinese culture courses and language practice courses, focusing on the cultivation of language communication ability and cultural cognitive ability, and helping the students to improve the comprehensive Chinese language ability.

In addition, we also organized the students to visit the Puppet Manchukuo Palace Museum, the Museum of the Former Site of Changchun Film Studio, and the Northeast Ethnic and Folk Custom Museum of NENU, so as to learn more about the history and culture of Changchun. During this period, NENU also organized the students to go to Shenyang for a cultural study tour to learn the history of Northeast China and experience the development of Chinese society and economy.

Through four weeks of study and life, the students said that their Chinese language proficiency has been significantly improved, deepened their understanding of Chinese culture, history, science and technology, broadened their horizons and set up their ideals, and that they will continue to work hard on their Chinese language studies when they return to their home countries, and will study in China again when they have the opportunity to do so.

In the future, NENU will continue to give full play to its advantages and focus on the cultivation of Chinese education talents through joint training, International Chinese Language Teacher Scholarship programs and other platforms such as the Confucius Institute of the Mongolian National University of Education and the Mongolian Alumni Association of NENU. NENU will dedicate to improving the level of Chinese language education in Mongolia, promoting in-depth exchanges and cooperation between China and Mongolia in terms of education and culture, and facilitating friendly exchanges between the two countries.

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