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Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival in the Chinese Community

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In order to promote the traditional Chinese culture, strengthen international students’ knowledge of China and enrich their cultural life, NENU organized more than 30 international students to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with firefighters and residents of Xinghuacun Community at the first fire station of Special Duty Brigade of Changchun Fire and Rescue on June 21.

During the event, the international students learned about the fire-fighting vehicles, visited the history exhibition hall of the Special Duty Brigade, watched a short film on fire-fighting and rescue, to learn about the glorious history of the Special Duty Brigade and the heroic deeds of the firefighters as well as to get the basic knowledge of fire safety. It was not only a vivid fire safety education lesson, but showed the international students the loyalty and bravery of the Chinese fire rescue team.

After the visit and study, they joined in the Dragon Boat Festival celebrations. While learning to make zongzi with the aunties, the students listened to the community staff introduce the basic situation and daily work, getting first-hand knowledge of the work and service mode of the Chinese community. The community prepared colourful-thread bracelets and scented sachets for everyone, while the international students gave elaborately prepared performances for the residents and firefighters. With laughter, the festive atmosphere became stronger and the hearts of the international students grew closer to China.

The event took the international students into the Chinese community, allowing them to experience the warmth of Changchun in person and helping them to grow up as participants and tellers of the Chinese story, believing that in the near future they will be able to become ambassadors of exchange and mutual appreciation between Chinese and foreign civilizations.

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