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Visiting Excellent Volunteer Service Projects, Experiencing the Achievements of Civilized Practice

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Recently 26 international students from NENU participated in the Excellent Volunteer Service Project Exhibition of Jilin Province. Through participating in this event, the students improved their understanding of the life of local residents and experienced the charm of traditional Chinese culture from a close distance.

In this activity, international students actively participated in the projects such as Lekeshan straw weaving, non-heritage crafts production, Guzheng teaching and pyrograph technics of gourds. Through hands-on practice, they experienced the traditional production and life style and the profound civilization inheritance.

The international students have also experienced a number of projects that benefit the people, such as the "Book Express" of Jingyue District, the consultation of traditional Chinese medicine, and the "civilized economy" project in Yitong Manchu Autonomous County, etc. They said that they really liked it, and and through such a warm and lively activity, they got a deeper understanding of China's volunteer service projects.

The international students went into the community and not only showed their good personal quality and spirit in the activity, but also enhanced their knowledge of China in the communication with the residents and increased their interest in Chinese traditional culture in the process of experiencing the non-heritage. At the end of the activity, everyone took a group photo together to leave an unforgettable moments of Chinese and foreign cultural exchange.

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