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Measures for the Implementation of Attendance Management Regulations for International Students in NENU

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Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. In order to improve the cultivation quality and create a great style of study, the measure is formulated according to the relevant stipulations in Regulations on the Management of Foreign Students in Northeast Normal University([2007]74 issued by NENU)for attendance management regulations for international students and in line with theactual situation of the international students in NENU.

Article 2. The time of checking attendance includes the classroom instruction, examinations, experiments, exercitations, and the social survey, etc., which has been stipulated in the training program.

Chapter II.The process of asking for leave

Article 3. The system of leave permit is adopted in terms of asking for leave. The formats of leave are designed by departments or schools respectively, and oral leave is invalid. If oral leave is needed in case of special cases, the leave shall be turned in afterwards. Under ordinary circumstances, the private affair leaves will not be approved. If someone needs to ask for a leave in special cases, the duration shall not be more than two weeks. When someone asks for a sick leave, he or she should provide the certificates issued by medical departments, and special cases shall be illustrated. Those, who do not attend the class with a leave or their leaves, are not permitted, will be treated as absenteeism.

Article 4. If the leaves expire, the students shall go to the departments, schools or divisions for foreign students to report back after leave of absence in time, after returning the school.

Chapter III. Management style

Article 5. The case of leave and absence for less than one week will be permitted and dealt with by the departments or schools. The case of leave and absence for more than one week shall be reported to division for foreign students toexamine, approve and deal with.

Article 6. The classroom teacher shall check the attendance in the whole course, and take the attendance of students in to consideration of their regular grades in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Article 7. The teacher involved shall be responsible, do the work of checking attendance in educational and teaching activities carefully each time, make record and report to the department or school in time. The departments and schools involved shall pay great attention to the attendance of students, give criticism and education to the absent students in time, and report the absence list to division of foreign students on the first day of each month (postponed on holidays).

ChapterIVCorresponding punishment

Article 8 . Students, who leave school with permission and do not participate in the relevant activities of education and teaching for three continuous weeks, will be treated as drop out automatically.

Article 9. Students, who are absent from class for more than one third of thetotal class hours,will be allowed to take the examinations and shall apply for retake the courses.

Article 10. Students, who have been absent from class for less than 10 classes in one month, will be interviewed by the division of foreign students and criticized. students, who have been absent from class for and above 10 classes in one month, will becirculated on a notice of criticism and get punishments, such as warning, serious warning,getting a record of demerit, probation, and even the dismiss from school.

This rule for the implementation will be put into effect after it is announced, and Division of Foreign Students, Office of International Cooperation and Exchange reserve the rights of the interpretation of it.

Northeast Normal University
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
November 5th, 2014

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