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Regulations on the Opening and Closing Time of the International Student Dormitory

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In order to ensure safety of the international students’ life and property and maintain the order of normal living and study, the opening and closing time of the International Student Dormitory are decided as follows, after discussion:

Opening time 05:30

Closing time 23:00

If an international student cannot return to dormitory within the time limit, the student must communicate with dorm administrator in advance. As for the student not returning to dormitory in the required time, the dorm administrator should inquire the reason and keep a record. And the record will be reported to the International Students Office, Division of International Cooperation & Exchange on 1st of each month. (In case of holiday, it shall be postponed to the first work day following the holiday.)

This regulation will come into effect from November 10th, 2014.

Northeast Normal University
Office of International Cooperation and Exchange
November 4th, 2014

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