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Ke Jinsong

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Name Ke Jinsong Mentor Type Master’s supervisor 、Doctoral supervisor
Gender Male Professional Title professor
Email kejs586@nenu.edu.cn Major Japanese Language & Literature
Research Area 1.Japanese Society and Culture
2.Japanese-Chinese Translation
3.Japanese Language Teaching
Instruction Language Chinese、Japanese

Educational Background:

1988.9-1992.7 Bachelor of Education from Changchun Normal University

1996.11-2000.3 Master of Education from Hokkaido University of Education

2000.4-2001.5 Pre-Doctoral Program in Education, University of Tsukuba, Japan;

2006.9-2015.6 Doctoral degree in them major of Japanese Language and Literature from the School of Foreign Languages, Northeast Normal University

2016.11-2017.10 Visiting Scholar, University of Tsukuba, Japan;

2019.12-2020.5 Visiting Scholar, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Academic Achievements:

Published Works:

1. China Awareness in Japanese Textbooks: An Empirical Study Based on (1945-2015) Junior High School Textbooks, Northeast Normal University Press, 2019.6

Published Papers:

1. View on History in Post-War Japan:Changes in the Textbooks Concerning the War Narratives of Japanese Invasion of China[J]. Journal of Nanjing Normal University(Social Science Edition),,2017(06):66-75.

2. On Shinzo Abe's View of History and War from the Perspectives ofFamily Influence and Political Experiences[J]. Journal of Northeast Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences),2019(03):111-118.

3. The Historical Flux of Japanese People's View of China after World War II[J]. Academic Exchange,2015.5

4. Rural Revitalization and Educational Development: Secluded Areas and Secluded Education in Japan, Collected Papers on Common Wealth and Rural Educational Revitalization, Social Science Literature Publishing House, 2023.7

On Chinese-Japanese Translation Strategies for Public Notices[J]. Foreign Languages Research,2012.4

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