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Xu Dongpo

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Name Xu Dongpo Mentor Type Doctoral Supervisor
Gender Male Professional Title Professor
Email xudp100@nenu.edu.cn Major Applied Mathematics
Research Area 1.Deep Learning
2.Optimisation Theory
3.Image Processing
Instruction Language Chinese

Educational Background

2000-9至2004-7 Bachelor   of Science from the School of Science, Harbin Engineering University

2004-9至2009-6 Doctor of Science from the Department of Applied Mathematical, Dalian University of Technology

Academic Achievements

[1] Jinlan Liu, Jun Kong, Dongpo Xu*, Miao Qi,   Yinghua Lu. Convergence analysis of AdaBound with relaxed bound functions for   non-convex optimization. Neural Networks, 2022, 145: 300–307.

[2] Jianqi Luo, Jinlan Liu, Dongpo Xu*, Huisheng   Zhang.  SGD-rα:   A real-time α-suffix averaging method for SGD with biased gradient estimates. Neuocomputing,   2022, 487: 1–8.

[3] Dongpo Xu*, Shengdong Zhang, Huisheng Zhang,   Danilo P. Mandic.  Convergence of the   RMSProp deep learning method with penalty for nonconvex optimization. Neural   Networks, 2021, 139: 17–23.

[4] Dongpo Xu*, Yili Xia, Danilo P. Mandic.   Optimization in quaternion dynamic systems: Gradient, hessian, and learning   algorithms. IEEE Transactions on Neural and Learning Systems,   2016, 27(2): 249-261.

[5] Dongpo Xu*, Danilo P. Mandic. The theory of quaternion   matrix derivatives.

IEEE   Transactions on Signal Processing, 2015, 63(6): 1543-155


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