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Guan Lili

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Name Guan Lili Mentor Type Master’s supervisor
Gender Female Professional Title Associate Professor
Email guanll353@nenu.edu.cn Major Basic Psychological Studies
Research Area 1. Threats and self-perception
2. Self-esteem and mental health
3. Social cognitive neuroscience
Instruction Language Chinese、English

Educational Background:

(1) 2013-09 ~ 2016-06, Doctor’s degree in the major of Applied Psychology from Southwest University

(2) 2010-09 ~ 2013-06, Master’s degree in the major of Fundamental Psychology from Southwest University

(3) 2006-09 ~ 2010-06, Bachelor’s degree in the major of Psychology from Harbin Normal University

Academic Achievements:

(1) Yuan Yuan; Yang Xu; Weiwei Zhang; Lili Guan(通讯作者); Sex differences in the effects of threats on self-face recognition in social and natural scenes, Current Psychology, 2022, 41(7): 4158-4170.

(2) Lili Guan; Taoyu Wu; Juan Yang; Xiaochun Xie; Shihui Han; Yufang Zhao; Self-esteem and cultural worldview buffer mortality salience effects on responses to self-face: Distinct neural mediators, Biological Psychology, 2020, 155: 107944.

(3) Lili Guan; Mingming Qi; Haijiang Li; Glenn Hitchman; Juan Yang; Yijun Liu; Priming with threatening faces modulates the self-face advantage by enhancing the other-face processing rather than suppressing the self-face processing, Brain Research, 2015, 1608: 97-107.

(4) Lili Guan; Yu Chen; Xiaofan Xu; Lei Qiao; Jia Wei; Shihui Han; Juan Yang; Yijun Liu; Self-esteem buffers the mortality salience effect on the implicit self-face processing, Personality and Individual Differences, 2015, 85: 77-85.

(5) Lili Guan; Mingming Qi; Qinglin Zhang; Juan Yang; The neural basis of self-face recognition after self-concept threat and comparison with important others, Social Neuroscience, 2014, 9(4): 424-435.

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