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Gai Xiaosong

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Name Gai Xiaosong Mentor Type Master’s supervisor 、Doctoral supervisor
Gender Male Professional Title Professor
Email gaixs669@nenu.edu.cn Major Developmental and Educational Psychology
Research Area 1.Executive function training for children
2.Adolescent positive development
3.Psychological Risk Profiling
Instruction Language Chinese、English

Educational Background:

1991-1995 Bachelor’s degree in the major of Pre-school Education from the School of Psychology, Northeast Normal University

1995-1998 Master’s degree in the major of Developmental and Educational Psychology from the School of Psychology, Northeast Normal University

2000-2003 Doctor’s degree in the major of Developmental and Educational Psychology from the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science

Academic Achievements:

Published Papers:

1. GAI XiaoSong, XU Jie, YAN Yan, WANG Yuan & XIE XiaoChun.(2021). Exergame can improve children’s executive function: The role of physical intensity and cognitive engagement[J]. Acta Psychologica Sinica(05),505-514.(CSSCI)

2. GU Tingyu GAI Xiaosong WANG Guoxia LIU Fangqing .(2019). The Influence of High School Students'Values on School Engagement: The Mediating Role of Future Goals and Motivation Internalization[J]. Psychological Development and Education (01),68-75.

3. Gai, X., Gu, T., Wang, Y., & Jia, F. (2022). Improving career adaptability through motivational interview among peers: An intervention of at-risk Chinese college students majoring in foreign language. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 138.(SSCI)

4. Cui, Y., Schunn, C. D., & Gai, X. (2022). Peer feedback and teacher feedback: a comparative study of revision effectiveness in writing instruction for EFL learners. Higher Education Research and Development, 41(6), 1838-1854.(SSCI)

5. Wu, X., Gai, X., Xu, L., Liu, F., Wang, H., & Kou, H. (2022). Family socioeconomic status and provincial-level economic, educational, and health-related factors as predictors of present- and future-oriented subjective wellbeing in junior high school students in China. Journal of Adolescence, 94(3), 354-365. (SSCI)

Published Works:

1. Gai Xiaosong(Ed.). Career Planning Guidance (Intermediate Edition). Northeast Normal University Press, 2021.

2. Gai Xiaosong(Ed.).Positive Psychology.Shanghai Education Press,2020.

3.Gai Xiaosong(Ed.).Essence of Contemporary Psychological Science Theories. Northeast Normal University Press,2017.

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