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Notice on Annual Review of 2024 for CSC Students

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Dear CSC students,

You are required to take part in the CSC’s annual review each year. The annual review will determine if you will be sponsored with the CSC scholarship in the coming year(s). The annual review will be based on your academic performance, daily performance, academic attitude, and activity participation. If you pass the annual review, your scholarship will continue. Otherwise, your scholarship will be suspended or terminated by the CSC for the next year. If your scholarship is suspended, you can continue your study at NENU, but at your own expense, including tuition fees, accommodation fees, insurance fees, etc. If students fail the annual review for two consecutive years, their scholarship qualification status will be terminated. Details are as below:

01 Which students are required to participate in the Annual Review?

(1)CSC students who will continue scholarships from September 2024 to July 2025. Students who are in the status of study suspension do not need to attend the annual review this year.

(2)CSC Ph.D. students who need to apply for a scholarship extension from September 2024 to July 2025. Those Ph.D. students who applied for scholarship extension in 2023 are not eligible to apply again.

(3)CSC students who failed in the annual review of 2023.

02 What performance factors will be taken into account?

(1)Academic performance: including the scores during the autumn semester as well as the performance in the spring semester.

(2)Attitude towards study and attendance rate.

(3)Daily performance, rewards, and punishments received.

(4)Activities participation (both academic and extra-curricular).

NENU will give annual review scores to every student, comment “Qualified” or “Disqualified” based on the student’s overall performance, and will also suggest “Continue” “Suspend” or “Terminate” the scholarship.

Note: Scholarships will be suspended (stopped for one year) for the following situations:

(1)The annual review score is less than 60 points out of 100 points.

(2)Failed to reach 80% of the required credits for this academic year.

(3)Required to repeat a year or demoted in rank due to inadequate academic performance.

(4)Receives disciplinary probation.

If your scholarship is suspended, you can continue your study at NENU, but at your own expense. You can apply to resume your scholarship if you pass the annual review in the following year.

Scholarships will be terminated for the following situations:

(1)Getting expelled from the university.

(2)Failed in the annual reviews for two consecutive years.

(3)Did not participate in the annual review without justifiable reasons.

If your scholarship is terminated, you will be ineligible to resume your scholarship in the future. The scholarship will be terminated from the date of the proclamation.

03 What are the procedures for the Annual Review?

(1)CSC Students please check your personal email to get the Student Self-Assessment Form and the instructions. Fill in the form and submit the scanned copies to your school secretaries before April 21, 2024, together with supporting materials. At the same time, CSC students should log in to to fill out their Student Self-Assessment Form online.

Please notice that the two forms from both the CSC online system and emails are equally important, students who failed to complete those two will be regarded as “Did not participate in the annual review without justifiable reasons” and will terminate your scholarship.

Supporting materials include award-winning certificates such as discipline competitions and scientific and technological innovation activities, publication of high-level academic papers (first page only) or certificates of scientific research projects, and other outstanding academic performance certificates; Award certificates for voluntary activities or other extracurricular activities.

(2)Schools and ISO will give scores, comment “Qualified” or “Disqualified” based on the student’s overall performance, and will also suggest “continue” “suspend” or “terminate” the scholarship. These suggestions will be reported to the China Scholarship Council.

(3)China Scholarship Council will inform the students of the results via ISO in July or August.

(4)Those who fail to submit the forms on time will be regarded as not participating in the annual review. And the students take sole responsibility for their deeds.

If you have any questions, please contact Anthony from ISO.


Division of International Cooperation & Exchange

Northeast Normal University

April 1, 2024

NENU Instruction on Annual Review of CSC Scholarship Assessment

(The two reviews of the System one and Email one are equally important)

DEADLINE: 21 April,2024

1. Enter the System (, and put in the CSC number and password to log in. Those who forget the password please contact Teacher Anthony (Email: to reset it.


2. Students who need to be assessed click the “Annual Review of Scholarship”button to start.


3. On the page of Annual Review, please provide the information required, and upload documents such as transcripts, etc. Transcripts can be acquired from college teaching secretaries. Besides, the publication of papers, competition certificates can also be uploaded.


4.After finishing, click the confirmation then submit.


5. The page below is shown when it is done.


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