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Rewards and punishments

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Rewards and encouragement will be given to foreign students who observe the school disciplines and have outstanding academic records.

Foreign students with the records of the violation of the school rules, truancy, vandalism, fights or other misconduct, will get punishment, including warning, serious warning, demerit, detention, and expulsion and expulsion from academic status, according to the specific performance .

Students who get the punishment of detention can get the discharge of punishment if they make significant progress.

Once the decision of punishment which is more serious than detention is made, apart from the announcement to the students involved, the NENU will be reported to the embassies in China, representative offices, sending unit or parents of the students, according to the circumstances and needs.

The foreign students with illegal behaviors will be treated by the public security organ according to the relevant Chinese laws, and NENU will give corresponding punishment as well.

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