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NENU Museums Exploration Tour Successfully Held

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In order to study and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress and President Xi Jinping's important remarks on education, improve the education quality of NENU International Students’ study programs, and enrich and deepen students’ understanding of China, the university organized three visits to the Museum of Natural History and the Northeast Ethnic and Folk Custom Museum of NENU. More than 150 international students attended the activity on March 25, 26 and April 1. The two museums are rich in collections and have their characteristics, showing international students the natural resources, distinctive culture and long history of Jilin Province and Northeast China in a comprehensive way.




Since the 20th National Congress was held, the goal of building a great modern country has been inspiring and motivating. As the fresh spring breeze is blowing through the country, it is a good time for us to lead international students out of campus to explore the stories of China and listen to the voices of China. President Xi has proposed in the report of the 20th National Congress to deepen the exchange and mutual learning of civilizations and promote Chinese culture to the world. The activity provided such an opportunity for the international students to experience Chinese culture in depth outside the campus. After this activity, international students said that they got a deeper understanding of China's past, present and future, and were not only impressed by China's rich historical and cultural heritage and unique national charm but also were able to explore the answers to China's development.


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