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Zhao Yan

发布日期:2023-12-01    作者:     来源:     点击:
Name Zhao Yan Mentor Type Master’s supervisor
Gender Male Professional Title Associate Professor
Email zhaoy293@163.com Major Chinese Philology
Research Area 1. Sinology
2. History of the Chinese Language
3. Epigraphy
Instruction Language Chinese

Educational Background:

2000-2006 Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from the Northeast Normal University

2007-2011 Doctoral degree from the Northeast Normal University

Academic Achievements:

Published Works:

1. Zhao Yan, A Specialized Study on the Diachronic Evolution of Vocabulary in Bamboo and Silk Documents, China Social Sciences Press, 2013.

Published Paper:

1. Zhao Yan. Some problems in using Bamboo Slips and Silk Books to Revise Dictionaries[J].Lexicographical Studies, 2014(06):12-18+93.

2. Zhao Yan. Some Problems on Textual Research of Qin and Han Bamboo Books[J]. The Study of Chinese Characters, 2018(01):75-80.
3. Zhao Yan. ‘Ke Dao Suo’ or ‘He Dao Suo’?-An Examination Focused on the Temporality of the Usage of ‘Ke’ and ‘He’ Characters. Ancient Chinese Writing Research, 2018(00):601-610.

4. Zhao Yan. On the Differentiation and Convergence of '貣' and '贷'—A Study in Chinese Lexical Relationships. In Studies on Chinese Word-Character Relationships (Volume Two). Zhongxi Book Company,2021.

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