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Wang Zengbao

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Name Wang Zengbao Mentor Type Master’s supervisor
Gender Male Professional Title Lecture
Email wangzb0529@163.com Major Theory of Literature and Arts
Research Area 1.Western Literary Theory
2.The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons
3.Modern Diary Literature Organization
Instruction Language Chinese

Educational Background:

2004.09-2007.07 Master’s degree from the School of Literature, Fujian Normal University

2007.09-2011.10 Doctoral degree from the Department of Chinese, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsinghua University

Academic Achievements:

Published Works:

1. Wang Zengbao, Identification of the "Artistic" Identity in Late Qing and Early Republican Novels[M], China Social Sciences Press, 2015.

2. Wang Zengbao, Traces of Writer's Reissue:1978-2018[M], Times Literature Press, 2023.

Published Papers:

1. Wang Zengbao. Theoretical Framework of "Plot" Research[J]. Theoretical Studies in Literature and Art,2009(03):135-137+144.

2. Wang Zengbao. Between Art and Politics-The Problems of Life in Comments on A Dream of Red Mansions of Wang Guowei[J]. Journal of Fujian Normal University (Philosophy and Social Science Edition),2013(04):64-67+81.

3. Wang Zengbao. Wang Guowei's Translation Practice and the Occurrence of his "Realm Speak"-From the Translation of Genryo Yujiro's Psychology[J]. Modern Chinese Literature Series,2018(12):148-159

4. Wang Zengbao, Wang Guowei’s Anti-Epidemic Practices and Academic Attitudes During the Cholera Outbreak in 1992, Great Literary Review(Collected Edition), 2023, Volume 6.

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