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Wang Guoxia

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Name Wang Guoxia Mentor Type Master’s supervisor
Gender Female Professional Title Associate Professor
Email wanggx690@nenu.edu.cn Major Developmental and Educational Psychology
Research Area 1. Teachers' Instructional Behavior and Students' Independent Learning
2. Goal Pursuit Strategies
3. Self-regulated learning
Instruction Language English

Educational Background:

2004.09—2008.07 Bachelor’s degree from the School of Educational Science, Northeast Normal University

2008.09—2010.07 Masters degree from the School of Educational Science, Northeast Normal University

2010.09—2014.07 Doctor’s degree from the Faculty of Education, Northeast Normal University

2012.01—2013.01 Joint Ph.D. of New York University

Academic Achievements:

1. Wang G, Wang Y and Gai X (2021) A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Mental Contrasting With Implementation Intentions on Goal Attainment. Frontiers in Psychology. 12:565202. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.565202

2. Wang Guoxia, Zhao Yang. (2022). A meta-analysis of the relationship between teacher autonomy support and students' academic achievement: the mediating roles of psychological need fulfillment, motivation and commitment. Psychological Development and Education, 38(3), 380-389.

3. Tamim, M., Gai, X., Wang, G. & Ma, Y. (2022). The relationship between predominant promotion focus and spontaneous mental contrasting. Social Psychology, 53(6), 368-382.

4. Wu, Q., Wang, G.* & Li, C. (2023). Relationship between quality of professional capacity building for kindergarten teachers and children’s language development: the mediating role of kindergarten language education activities quality. Front. Psychol. 14:1219330. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2023.1219330

Published Works:

1. Wang Guoxia, The Road to Dreams: The Effects of Psychological Control and Executive Intention on Goal Pursuit, Science Press, 2021.

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