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Hou Chunna

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Name Hou Chunna Mentor Type Master’s supervisor
Gender Female Professional Title Associate Professor
Email houchunna@126.com Major Applied Psychology
Research Area 1.Social Cognition
2.Career Education
Instruction Language Chinese、English

Educational Background:

2012/09-2015/06 Doctor’s degree from the School of Philosophy and Sociology, Jilin University

2003/09-2006/06 Master’s degree in the major of Applied Psychology from the School of Philosophy and Sociology, Jilin University

1999/09-2003/06 Bachelor’s degree in the major of Primary Education from the School of Educational Sciences, Jilin Normal University

Academic Achievements:

1 Hou Chunna. Faces: the evolutionary code of intergroup trust, Science Press, 2017.

2.Hou Chunna, LIU Zhi-Jun.Visualization of mental representation: Noise-based reverse correlation image classification technology .Advances in Psychological Science ,  2019,27(3)

3. Chunna Hou,Zhijun Liu. The survival processing advantage of face: the memorization of the (un)trustworthy face contributes more to survival adaptation. Evolutionary Psychology,2019,17(2)

4.Chunna Hou, Yuzhen Wu, & Zhijun Liu.Career decision-making self-efficacy mediates the effect of social support on career adaptability: A longitudinal study. Social Behavior and Personality,2019,5

5. Chunna Hou , Zhijun Liu. Tacit knowledge mediates the effect of family socioeconomic status on career adaptability. Social Behavior and Personality,2021,6

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