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NENU Sends New Year’s Gifts to International Students on Campus

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On February 7th, just as the Spring Festival was approaching, Wei Min, the Vice president of the university, accompanied by Bai Bing, director of the School Office, and relevant personnel of the Division of International Cooperation and Exchange and the International Academic Exchange Service Center, visited the international students staying on campus and Changchun during the Spring Festival and presented them with auspicious Chinese New Year gifts, hoping that they could also feel the warmth of the Spring Festival in China and share the happiness together.


On behalf of NENU, Wei Min first expressed his greetings and best wishes to the international students and their families. In particular, he pointed out that the dragon is an important symbol of Chinese culture, representing auspiciousness, wisdom, and strength. As its symbol, he wished all students would make great academic progress, and all wishes come true in the Year of the Dragon. Wei Min said “The friendship between countries lies in the people-to-people relationship, and the people-to-people relationship lies in the heart-to-heart connection. When you are studying at NENU, you can not only learn something and enhance your ability but also get to know many friends from China.” In the new year, he hoped all the international students could work harder, learn more about China, tell more stories about China to the world, and actively promote exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and the global community.




International students expressed their heartfelt thanks to the school and teachers for their concern and blessings. They believed that being able to experience the traditional culture of the Spring Festival personally would be one of the beneficial activities for them to experience the culture of China during their stay on campus. Students said that in the new year, they would study hard, deepen their understanding of Chinese culture, and strive to be friendly messengers of cultural exchanges.

This activity not only made the international students who stayed on campus feel the warmth of the university but also deepened their understanding of Chinese culture, which showed the care and attention of the university to international students. In the new year, Northeast Normal University will continue to be committed to providing international students with high-quality educational resources and a good learning environment, and at the same time actively build a cultural exchange platform between China and the international community, so that more international students can understand Chinese culture and fall in love with China.


Division of International Cooperation & Exchange

Northeast Normal University


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