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International Students Participated in the Fire and Emergency Evacuation Demonstration

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To further enhance the safety awareness of all teachers and students and improve their emergency response capabilities, on November 4th, NENU organized a fire safety training and emergency evacuation activity. International students from two campuses were invited to observe the demonstration and 8 student representatives were asked to operate the fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

The Security Department analyzed the mistakes people made from the previous fire incidents. They provided a detailed explanation of common safety hazards in daily campus fire prevention from the perspective of evacuation, rescue, and fire extinguishing. Teachers and students were introduced to various safety topics such as safe electrical usage, emergency response to fires, fire evacuation and self-rescue methods, and the proper use of fire extinguishers. The event also included an "immersive" experience with fire equipment and gear, as well as a demonstration and training on the use of emergency escape facilities.

Great importance has been attached to fire prevention and safety by the Division of International Cooperation and Exchange. Firstly, safety tips were taught at the Orientation Meeting and the Letter of Commitment to Safety Responsibilities was signed by the international students. Secondly, accompanied by the Security Department, fire prevention is regularly checked in the dormitory, and a rolling display of fire safety knowledge and daily electrical safety precautions is on the screen of the dormitory lobby. Additionally, "Fire Safety Guidelines for International Students" and "Fire Prevention at Dormitories" are shared on the StudyatNENU WeChat public account regularly. Teachers and students are involved in conducting self-inspections for fire safety, effectively implementing the fire safety responsibility system, and eliminating safety hazards comprehensively.

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