• What about the accommodation condition in NENU?

    Students can choose to live in Foreign Student Apartment of NENU or Shixun Building, where offers some public services like dining hall, fitness room, café, etc. The room is well e

  • Are international students allowed to live outside?

    As safety measure of student life and property, new comers are advised to live in the International Student Apartment for at least half an year. And then students can consider livi

  • Are there some tips for living outside?

    Firstly, international students who plan to live outside need to get the Accommodation Registration Form for Foreigners in the International Student Office timely. Secondly, studen

  • Does NENU offer scholarships for international students?

    Yes. International students can apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, Confucius Institute Scholarship, NENU Scholarship.

  • How to apply for scholarships?

    About Chinese Government Scholarship
    1. You need to apply online first (laihua.csc.edu.cn, the agency code of NENU is 10200)
    2. Please send the requi