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Vice President Han Dongyu visited international students staying in school during the Chinese New Year


On January 27th, when the Chinese New Year was approaching, Vice President Han Dongyu, accompanied by Zhang Jingping, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange, Dong Changsheng, General Manager of International Academic Exchange Service Center, Sun Desheng, Deputy Director of International Cooperation and Exchange and related staff and Liu Guojun, Deputy Dean of International School of Chinese Studies, visited around 100 international students staying on campus and Changchun during the winter holiday and Chinese New Year, and delivered the gift bags to them, hoping they could also have a warm and pleasant Chinese New Year. 

On behalf of NENU, Vice President Han Dongyu firstly expressed his greetings and good wishes to the international students and their families, and especially talked about the meaning of Chinese New Year, encouraging the international students to learn more about Chinese traditional folk culture and contribute to the cultural exchange between China and abroad.

Vice President Han Dongyu also asked international students about plans of their winter vacation, reminded them to pay attention to personal protection in case of recurring epidemics, not to leave campus or travel outside of Changchun unless necessary, and encouraged them to make full use of their holiday time and spend a safe vacation.

The international students also expressed their gratitude to NENU for the Chinese New Year greeting and expressed their understanding of epidemic prevention plan of NENU and China. They said they would cooperate with NENU to do a good job in epidemic prevention.

NENU attaches great importance to the study and life of international students staying on campus and Changchun during the winter holidays. Each School (Faculty), the Division of International Cooperation and Exchange, the International Academic Exchange Service Center, the Security Department, the NENU Hospital and other departments formulate a well-thought-out management plan for international students staying on campus during winter vacation and a Chinese New Year visit plan. Leaders and staff are on duty to meet the needs of international students and solve practical problems in a timely manner. By actively doing a good job of visiting international students during the Chinese New Year, NENU hopes to ease the homesickness of international students and ensure that they spend a warm, pleasant, and peaceful Chinese New Year.

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