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About apartment

International students can choose to live in Foreign Student Apartment of NENU or Shixun Building, where have some public facilities such as café and supermarket. The room is equipped with independent bathroom, air-conditioner, etc. International students can tackle accommodation matters by taking the “Letter of Admission” and “Occupation Permit” when they register at the start of each semester.

As safety measures of their life and property, new comers are advised to live in the International Student Apartment for at least half a year. And then students can consider living outside after orienting themselves in new school. International students who plan to live outside must register in the International Students Office timely and tackle the procedure for living outside in local police station in the house administrative area with their house-owners. The can live outside after getting approval. International students need to upgrade new address and phone number in the International Students Office in time when changing address. We should always keep in touch because NENU often publishes some important notices for international students.

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Shixun Building

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International Student Apartment

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