Shixun Building Detail

Shixun Building in NENU is a flat of “one living room, four bedrooms” with bathroom, shower room and kitchen. Each floor is equipped with public washing room, bed, mattress, desk, cupboard, chair and internet access are provided in each room. There are also supermarkets and café in the building, which greatly facilitates life and work for international students.

Room type Price Bookable
Singe room 40RMB/person/day Yes
Double_room 30RMB/person/day Yes

The price of necessity is about 400RMB (including bedclothes, four piece-suit bedding articles, pillowslip, etc.

  • Room
  • Room
  • Room
  • Room
  • Hall
  • Room
  • Public living room
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Kitchen