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NENU Doctoral Degree Programs and Disciplines

Schools, Institute, Department Major
School of Education Science Comparative Education
Developmental & Educational Psychology
Basic Psychology
Teacher Education
Educational Economy & Management
History of Education
Principle of Education
Curriculum & Teaching Methodology
Rural Education
Educational Technology
School of Politics & Law History of the Communist Party of China
Chinese & Foreign Political Institution
Theory of Politics
School of Economics Labor Economics
Industrial Economics
World Economy
Regional Economics
Business School Finance
School of Literature Chinese Language & Literature ( Level-1 Discipline )
School of History & Culture History ( Level-1 Discipline )
School of Foreign Languages Foreign Linguistics & Applied Linguistics
Japanese Language & Literature
English Language & Literature
School of Music Musicology

School of Fine Arts
Fine Arts ( Level-1 Discipline )
Fine Arts ( Theoretical Level-1 Discipline )
Fine Arts ( Practical Level-1 Discipline )
School of Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics ( Level-1 Discipline )
Mathematics Education

Statistics ( Level-1 Discipline )
School of Computer Science & Information Technology Educational Technology
Smart Environment Analysis & Planning
School of Information & Software Engineering
School of Physics Materials Physics & Chemistry
Condensed Matter Physics
School of Chemistry Chemistry ( Level-1 Discipline )
School of Life Sciences Pratacultural Science
Cell Biology
Ecological Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
School of Geographical Sciences Geographical Information System
Urban & Regional Planning
Human Geography
Regional Economics
Physical Geography
School of Environment Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science
School of Physical Education Sports Pedagogy & Training
School of Media & Communication
Department of Marxism Marxist Theories ( Level-1 Discipline )
Philosophy of Marxism