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Notice on Cancellation of Sending Hard Copies of CSC Scholarship NENU Independent Enrollment Program


From now on, the requirement of sending scholarship application hard copies is temporarily cancelled, please send email to, detailed requirements are as follows:

1. Email subject should be your Application No. from NENU International Student Service System+ Nationality+ Passport No.

2.  Please attach application documents in your email. For detail requirements, please refer to Application for CSC Scholarship NENU Independent Enrollment Program(Type-B) 2020. Application Form for International Students to NENU and Application Form from the Chinese Government Scholarship Online Application should be signed first. Please attach all required documents in one email.

3. Those who’ve mailed hard copies do not need to send email again.

4. If you are granted for the scholarship, please bring the original certificates and supporting documents for inspection when you register at NENU for the new semester. Your admission will be cancelled if your documents were found to be fake.

5. It can be regarded as valid application only when you finished application at NENU International Student Service System, paid application fee online and handed in hard copies or soft copies.

6. NENU decides to extend application deadline till April 15 according to the comprehensive evaluation of pandemic situation and work needs.

Division of International Cooperation & Exchange

Northeast Normal University

March 31,2020