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Notice on Organizing Harbin Ice and Snow Culture Study Trip for NENU International Students


Dear International Students,

In order to provide an opportunity for international students to enrich culture life and gain a deep understanding of China, International Students Office will organize a Harbin Ice and Snow Culture Study Trip. Tour fees will be paid by NENU. Details are as follows.

Time: January 6 and 7, 2018

Place: Harbin

Quota: 100 person

Applicants:Degree Students, one semester/year Scholarship Students (MPA students are exclude)


1. Those who didn’t attend the study trips to Beijing in November,2017 and Harbin in January,2017. (From 2016 academic year, degree students can only join one culture study trip outside Jilin Province within one academic year, and cannot go to the same place twice within the period of the study.)

2. Students who register on time and perform well in study and class attendance without records of violation of regulations this semester

3. Those who have paid all kinds of fees on time

4. Those who participated actively in various activities held by NENU

Time of registration: from 9:00 to 11:30 on December 23, 2017. Please bring your student ID booklet and a copy of passport with you.

Note: The International Students Office will release the final name list according to above requirements. And the registration order will be taken as a reference.

Draft Schedule:

January 6

Set off from the 1F of International Students’ Apartment at 7:30 and go to Harbin by bus. Visit Sophia Cathedral, Central Avenue and visit Ice & Snow World at night.

January 7

Enjoy snow sculptures on Sun Island, visit the Unit 731 Museum and go back to Changchun after lunch.

(Please prepare your breakfast on January 6; the temperature at night in Harbin can be 25 degrees Celsius below zero, therefore please wear as warm as you can.)

Notes: NENU will organize other culture study activities for MPA students, non-degree students and exchange students separately. For more information, please enquire at ISO.

Division of International Cooperation and Exchange

December 22, 2017