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Notice on Organizing Changchun Culture Study Trip for NENU International Students


Dear International Students,

How long have you been in Changchun? Do you really know Changchun? Come on! Let’s experience a different Changchun together! NENU will organize international students to have a Changchun culture study trip on December 2. Tour fees will be paid by NENU. Forget the cold weather and join in this indoor activity! Details are as follows.

1.Time: December2,2017

2.Place: Changchun City

3.Quota: 80 students

4.Requirements: Self-supporting Language Students and Exchange Students.

(Students who violated the laws and regulations or have bad class attendance records are ineligible to take part in this activity.)

5.Time of registration: from 8:00 to 18:00 on November 27. Please bring your student ID.

6.Registration Location: ISO (Room 624, Administration Building)

Draft Schedule:

Whole day on December 2

Visit Changchun Museum Complex of Science Technology and Culture to experience the charms of Changchun’s technology, culture and history. Visit Changchun Film Studio Museum and Cinema to know history and glories of Changchun’s film arts; make dumplings and study traditional Chinese martial arts together.

Division of International Cooperation and Exchange