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Notice on the Application of NENU Outstanding International Students


Dear international students,

In order to further improve our international students’ learning initiative, encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities and enrich the campus life, the school is going to award outstanding international students.


All international students


1.Applicants should abide by laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China as well as regulations of NENU.

2.Applicants should have good academic performance during last year.

3.Applicants should be active in activities organized by NENU and play an exemplary role among students.


Outstanding Student Award, Outstanding Individual in Extra-curricular Activities, Best Dormitory Award

Application Documents

1.Students need to fill in the Application Form ( → download area→ Application Form of Outstanding International Student Scholarship website: Submit the form to ISO (Room 624, Administration Building) with the stamps and agreement from your school and International Students’ Apartment or Shixun Building.

2.Other supporting documents, such as certificates of awards and honors.


Please send above documents to ISO before 16:30 on November 28; ISO will evaluate the applications with principle of fairness and justice. Best Dormitory Awards will be recommended by International Students’ Apartment and Shixun Building.

If you have any problem, please call 0431-85685722.



Division of International Cooperation and Exchange