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Notice on Inviting New Students to Attend the 2017 Opening Ceremony


Dear New International Students,  

    NENU will hold Opening Ceremony for New Students of 2017 on September 2 (this Saturday). Please attend the Opening Ceremony according to details below.

    1. Participants: 30 new International Students of 2017. Students need to register at International Students Office first and then get the NENU logo T-shirt.

    2. Gathering Time: 7:30 AM on September 2.

    3. Gathering Place: First floor of International Students Dormitory

    4. ISO has prepared 30 NENU logo T-shirts for new International students. Please come to ISO (Room 624, Administration Building) to register for the T-shirt from August 30 to September 1 at office hour (9:00—11:00am; 14:00-16:00pm). One T-shirt for one student only. You can only get your T-shirt in person at the aforementioned venue and time. Please wear the T-shirt to attend the ceremony. 


Division of International Cooperation and Exchange

Northeast Normal University 

August 30, 2017