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Notice on Attending NENU Graduation Ceremony


Dear International Graduates,

NENU is going to hold Graduation Ceremony on June 26, 2017 at the Comprehensive Gym. International students can invite supervisors and parents to attend the ceremony.

Time for the Ceremony: June 26(Monday), 09:00am

Place for the Ceremony: NENU Comprehensive Gym at Main Campus

Gathering Place: 1st Floor of International Students' Dormitory (go to Gym together)

Gathering Time: June 26, 7:30am.


1. Enter into the Gym before 8:00am.

2. Please remain on your seats during the ceremony. Please show your good manner and spirits by presenting a positive image of your motherland and the community of international students.

3. Graduates should wear academic gowns while others are encouraged to wear clothing with national characteristics.


1. Please get your graduation certificates and diplomas at ISO after the ceremony on June 26 and return academic gowns at the same time.

2. Submit Form for International Graduate Leaving NENU while getting  certificates(Download it from

3. Students who authorize others to get certificates please submit The Letter of Authorization(Download it from