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Notice on Applying for the Outstanding International Students Scholarship of Chinese Government


Dear International Students:

To encourage international students to complete the study successfully, Outstanding International Students Scholarship supported by the Chinese Ministry of Education in the year 2017/2018 is launched now. Details are as below.


1. Applicants shall be the current international students who are studying for the Bachelor’s Degree/ Doctoral Degree in grade two or three, or studying for the Master’s Degree in grade two at NENU (both scholarship students and self-supporting students can apply).

2. Applicants shall be excellent in the studies and behaviors both.

3. Applicants shall take actively part in various activities. And additional points would be given to students with published research theses.

4. No violation of laws and school regulations (no records of overstaying visas).

One-off Scholarship

RMB 18000 Yuan for Undergraduate

RMB 30000 Yuan for Postgraduate




Application documents will be reported to the Ministry of Education of China for the assessment and approval after the review by the International School.

Application Documents

1.Make the online application for Chinese Government Scholarship through the website of CSC ( Submit and print the Application Form. Please note that the “Agency Number” of NENU is 10200. And choose “C” for “Category of Study Program”.

2. Transcripts;

3. Recommendation Letters from your school (postgraduates please provide letters of your supervisor).

4. Research achievements, published theses and copy of certificates awarded;

5. Other supporting documents.

All the documents above are required to be submitted to ISO before 11:30am 19 June, 2017.

                                     Division of International Cooperation & Exchange