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NENU attends China Higher Education Fair 2018 in Malaysia


The China Higher Education Fair 2018 was held in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia from March 26th to 30th 2018 by the Association of Graduates from Universities and Colleges of China, Malaysia. Delegation of NENU was invited to attend this fair, which all together attracted over forty well-known universities from China and Korea. And nearly 7,000 students, parents and teachers of high school counseling departments came for consultations and applications during the fair. China Press, Sin Chew Daily and several other influential news media in Malaysia have made relevant reports for it.

NENU’s exhibition stand displayed and introduced the outstanding teaching resources, unique major advantages, picturesque campus scenery and various student activities of NENU to students and parents. At the same time, inquiries about application procedures, admission standards, major setup, career prospects and scholarship application were also given detailed answers. This education fair laid a solid foundation for NENU’s international students enrollment in Malaysia in the future.

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