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Review of NENU International Students’ Harbin Culture Study Trip


NENU organized about eighty international students to Harbin for Ice and Snow Culture Study on January 6th and 7th, 2018. Students learned about the history and culture of Harbin city while appreciating beautiful scenery of the historic Sophia Cathedral and Central Avenue. They were also fascinated by the delicate ice lanterns and snow sculptures as well as attracted by the great charm of China's ice and snow arts when visiting the Ice-Snow World and the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Exposition. The last stop of the trip is the Unit 731 Museum where students not only gained a deep understanding of the history also realized the true meaning of respecting history and cherishing peace.

This culture study trip provided a unique opportunity for international students to deepen their understanding about China’s history and culture. Students said that they would cherish the opportunity to study in China and strive to become the messengers of cultural exchanges between China and the world.

Now let’s enjoy some photos in the activities together!

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