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Volunteer Recruitment for International Students’ Registration and Airport Pickup Service


The new international students will arrive at Changchun from August 22 to 24, and then register from August 23 to 25. Therefore, hundreds of international students from all over the world will come to NENU during the time mentioned above. In order to present the positive image of NENU and facilitate new students to visit NENU, Division of International Cooperation and Exchange is recruiting volunteers, and the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Recruitment Agency

International Students Office, Division of International Cooperation and Exchange, Northeast Normal University

2. Time of Recruitment

June 30 to July 9, 2017

3. Volunteer Qualification

(1) Students of all nationalities including but not limited to Chinese are qualified to sign up.

(2) Students with pleasant personality who are able to treat international students with good manner and zeal.

(3) Students who could speak Chinese and at least one foreign language such as English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Korean and Mongolian are given priority to recruitment.

(4) Volunteer should bear hardships and stand hard work, be willing to obey the arrangement of team, undertake the voluntary service such as airport pickup, school registration, life guidance, campus tour and office work, and strictly abide by the relevant discipline and regulations.

4. Volunteer Interests

(1) Volunteers will be equipped with ID card and uniform.

(2) Transportation and food are available during airport pickup service.

(3) Certificates will be awarded to all volunteers.

5. Volunteer Task

The tasks are divided into 6 categories: Airport pickup and dormitory check-in service, International Students Office paper work, School Registration and Campus Tour, Life Guidance, and Interpreting and Translation.

6. Arrangement in details

(1) Volunteer Recruitment: Qualification examination and interview will be done on July 10. The final results will be released on WeChat Official Account“StudyatNENU”.

(2) Training Program: Trainings such as volunteer etiquette, cross-cultural communication, life guidance, first-aid knowledge, and foreign affairs norms.

(3) Preparation Stage: Students of each task prepare related documents to fulfil the assignments.

(4) Practice Stage: August 22 to 24: airport pickup and dormitory registration

                              August 23 to 27: student registration, life guidance and campus tour

7. Volunteer Sign-up

Please follow the WeChat Official Account “StudyatNENU” and send the message of your “name+nationality+cellphone number+volunteer sign up”. And then download the “Volunteer Registration Form” from Download Section of (Please refer to the link at the end of this page). Print the form and get the stamp from school and then submit to International Students Office (Administrative Building Room 624) before 17:00 on July 9.

8. Contact Information

Matters not covered please contact with International Students Office, Division of International Cooperation and Exchange.

Persons to Contact: Anthony or Haley

Telephone: 85099754 / 85685722

Download: Volunteer Registration Form