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Award Ceremony and Graduation Party for International Students of 2017


How time flies! It is another season of graduation. On June 23rd, NENU Award Ceremony and Graduation Party for International Students of 2017 was held by Division of International Cooperation and Exchange, organized by the NENU International Students’ Association, co-organized by Jilin International Talent Exchange Service Center, Jilin Province Foreign Cultural Service Base . Vice President Han Dongyu attended the event and delivered a speech. Other guests included relevant directors of the university administrative departments, school deans, ISO teachers and support staff.

Vice President Han Dongyu addressed to the international graduates of 2017. He said he hoped all of the international students could bring the good memories and the skills and knowledge obtained from alma mater to their motherlands to accomplish more achievements by worthy of the great expectation of NENU. They could tell the wonderful stories about China and Chinese people, and even became the ambassadors of friendship between the two countries.

In the award ceremony, 59 international students were awarded the title of "Outstanding International Graduates", "Outstanding Preparatory Students" and "Outstanding Chinese Story Teller" and "Advanced Individual in Extra-curriculum Activities” respectively in recognition of their excellent performance in studying and achievements made in the competition.

The party is divided into three chapters, namely, “Summertime Dream ", “Blossom of Youth ", and "Love NENU". The whole party consisted of twenty programs. Foreign students and artists danced, sang, wrote calligraphy, and made hand-knitting. The atmosphere was getting more intense with the show going on. Students from all over the world were in remembrance of the splendid NENU. The current popular elements were also unexpectedly added to the party by the use of "WeChat shake" and network interactive live. Therefore, the effect was superb.

A single trip to NENU and a lifelong friendship with NENU. This party is a great opportunity for international students to get acquaintance with each other, a perfect stage to tell the Chinese stories and a grand window to introduce NENU, Changchun City, Jilin Province and China!