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2015 International Students’ Graduation Party Came to a Success


“Thanks for this wonderful party which NENU has arranged for us. The period we’ve spent while studying in NENU will become an important and unforgettable part of our lives.” International students’ graduation party for year 2015 was held in ground track field of NENU at half past six on June 14. Graduate delegate gave a warm speech, which won thunderous applause. The party presented a wide range of programs with different styles. The party began with the wonderful dragon and lion dance performed by Institute of Sports. A song 《love you》from Li Hailan, an American student, gained cheers from audiences. Band performance from Jin Xianyou (ROK), street dance and hot samba from Hua Manfeng (Cuba), costume show from African students highlighted the party. Wonderful cameo dance show presented by International Student Association added another charm and flavour to the party. The dynamic group dance performed by students from ROK highlighted the party once again. The musical 《See You Again》leaded the party to an end. The graduation party was held by the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange and organized by International Students Association.